Alyssa Mary-Vivian Rose – Miss World Bermuda 2015 (+2 Videos!)

Alyssa Mary-Vivian Rose is the most beautiful woman in Bermuda. She is 23 years old and her height is 162 cm. Alyssa was born on the island of Bermuda but now she is studying in the UK and soon will get the diploma of Marketing & Brand Design. She wants to set up her marketing agency in the future. She loves to dance and practiced a lot since childhood. When Alyssa has a free time, she loves to swim and run. Her measurements: breast – 88 cm, waist – 58 cm, hips – 89 cm.Alyssa Mary-Vivian(1) Alyssa Mary-Vivian(2) Alyssa Mary-Vivian(3) Alyssa Mary-Vivian

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