New standards of modern fashion

New standarts ?

Fashion always actively reacts to changes in the cultural, economic and other spheres and integrates new trends into modern fashion. This season, Moscow Fashion Week supports the course on innovation, and also shows collaborations that have been successfully developed.

Mass market clothes can be fashionable

«Fast fashion» format has gained considerable popularity in recent years. The success of the spring-summer collection of women’s clothing FLEUR DE LIS («Royal Lily») Faberlic by Valentin Yudashkin, presented at the opening of Fashion Week in Moscow, served as living proof of that fact. Following the changes that took place in the fashion market, brands show that even mass market clothes can and should be fashionable. The collection has already received a positive feedback of regular customers from Faberlic.

Also at the opening of Fashion Week in Moscow Valentin Yudashkin and the Faberlic company presented two unique perfume fragrance Faberlic by VALENTIN YUDASHKIN Gold and Faberlic by VALENTIN YUDASHKIN Rose, which became official flavors of the Week.

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