Why do stars wear shoes the size bigger?

Doubtful trend of our time, which is gaining momentum

Star stylists regularly perform such a trick: inside the shoes and sandals are glued special silicone cushions, which allow the foot to not slide, – thus the notorious “Cinderella effect” will be avoided. It turns out that the shoes sits on the leg, but not tightly, does not squeeze it, does not interfere with circulation, and, accordingly, there will be no swelling. Another secret means is a two-sided adhesive tape – it also helps the shoe, which is bigger, to be in place at the most crucial moment.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ashley Olsen

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Bell

Of course, more often to shoes a couple of sizes more resorted to with the “Black tie” dress code, when the hem of the dress closes the shoes. However, in our time this reception has become almost a trend, and because the stars and secular girls do not always try to disguise it.

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