The most fashionable women of the season

New stars, which the whole world calls the icons of style

1.Haley Baldwin is a Baldwin clan girl. Her starting conditions were not much different from those of Gigi and Kendall. Actually, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin followed in the footsteps of her friends – she walks along the catwalk, she is the face of fashion brands, meets with popular guys (her last love story happened with Justin Bieber). Her Instagram page has 10 million subscribers.















2.Martha Hunt is one of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret who, despite the appearance of a vanilla blonde, managed to create a very convincing casual-wardrobe made of denim, knitwear, sporting things and leather.















3.Georgia Fowler is a model and blogger who very skillfully exploits the image of a nice neighbor girl. However, the girl chooses to strengthen the image not only ruches and ergonomic style, but also brutal intonations, from which all fashionable public of the United States are delighted.















4.Taylor Hill is one of the most tender “angels” of Victoria’s Secret and the beauty of a very popular baby face type. However, this girl’s image does not prevent her from wearing T-shirts with inscriptions, jackets and denim so that street-stylists of the whole world are delighted.

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