Acne is cool!

Over the years, girls and guys are struggling with skin problems. Acne perhaps is one of the main problems, which concern not only for teenagers, but many adults. While many mask inflammation, the designer Moto Guo releases podium models covered with eels.

Skin problems and simply hated acne (or, as it’s called in the world, trądzik różowaty, acnee, akne) have been tried to get rid of for many years using various creams and preparations.

But while teenagers are trying to overcome or at least disguise the consequences of acne, designers are led to podium models with pimples on the face.

Malaysian designer Moto Guo distinguished himself from many not only with his clothes, but also with models: his collection “Picnic in the Society” was represented by young people, not just with problem skin, but also with makeup in the “acne style”. Makeup artists deliberately painted blackheads, pimples and created the effect of redness of the skin.

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