Thata Kenosi – Miss World Botswana 2016

A girl with an interesting appearance, originally from Botswana, the winner of Miss World of Botswana 2016 – all this is about the beautiful Thata Kenosi.

A little about Thata Kenosi

She is 21 years old and her height is 178 cm. She speaks such a languages: Sotswana, English, intermediate Japanese. Follow her Instagram page – Thata Kenosi

Miss World Botswana

Miss Universe Botswana is a beauty contest that was first held in Botswana, in 1999, the winner of which participates in the Miss Universe contest. The Miss Universe contest of Botswana has nothing to do with the pre-existing Miss Botswana contest.

Tsaone Machenga was elected Miss Universe of Botswana in 2013, held in Gaborone. She represented Botswana on the Miss Universe 2013. Miss Universe Botswana did not participate in the Miss Universe contest, in 2005-2009.

The first Miss Universe contest of Botswana was held in Gaborone on March 19, 1999. It won Mpule Quelagobe (Miss Botswana 1997) who also won the Miss Universe contest 1999, which was held in Trinidad and Tobago. She became the first black woman from Africa to win the Miss Universe contest.

Mos Syde Worldwide Entertainment Group, an international company based in Botswana, holds the Miss Universe contest of Botswana.

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