Beatrice Fontoura – Miss World Brazil 2016

Who is Beatrice Fontoura ?

Beatrice Bezerra da Fontoura (Natal, March 23, 1990) is a model, businesswoman in the children’s clothing business, a law student and Miss who became famous after obtaining the national title of Miss World Brazil 2016, in an event held at the Resort Il Campanario, in Jurerê Internacional, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina on June 25, 2016 and transmitted by Record News to the whole Country. Her height is 178 cm.

About the Miss World Brazil 2016 contest

In total, the contest brought together 71 candidates from all states. According to the organization, the contest takes into account not only aspects of physical and plastic beauty, but also health, performance in parades and intelligence.

“I work three times a week and I maintain a balanced diet, with a few good carbohydrates. I try to always be well hydrated, especially in summer.” That is, there is no miracle, “said the muse during a fitness campaign in Goiânia.

Beatrice also won the awards for Miss Photogenia, Miss Central West and Miss New Face 40°. In addition to the awards, Beatrice won the Top Model, which elects the miss with the most attractive model profile.

To compete in the coveted beauty pageant, Beatrice went to China to be trained by the Venezuelan Alexander Gonzalez, a missus preparation specialist.

In addition to Alexander, Beatrice, who measures 1.78m and weighs 56 pounds, has a team of three Venezuelans: a personal trainer, a choreographer and a stylist. The training involves dance classes, to improve body expression, bodybuilding and resistance training, for sports, oratorical, interview, catwalk and etiquette lessons.

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