Galina Mihaylova – Miss World Bulgaria 2016

The grand finale of Miss World Bulgaria 2016, which took place on June 29, 2016, ended with the victory of Galina Mihaylova.

Who is Galina Mihaylova ?

Model Galina Mikhailova became “Miss World – Bulgaria” in 2016 glamorous ceremony, held at the club “Yalta” on June 29. Her age is 26 y.o. and height is 178 cm.

Where is she from ?

Bulgaria, officially – the Republic of Bulgaria – a state in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, occupies 22% of its area.

The population is 7 101 859 people (2016), the area of the territory is 110 993 km ². It occupies 103rd place in the world in terms of territory and 103rd in population. In the European Union it ranks 11th in the territory and 16th in population.

Galina was the first of 17 other contestants to become Miss World Bulgaria 2016. Blugaria never won the Miss World contest before.

Check the contestant introduction video. And follow her Instagram page.

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