Miss World participant became a woman in a wheelchair

Her name is Justine Clarke

Whatever the critics say, the fashion industry is systematically fighting stereotypes. Even more we are admired by people who are ready to inspire others by their example. 26-year-old Justine Clarke, the first ever contestant in a wheelchair, took part in the Australian beauty contest, the regional stage of “Miss World” in Adelaide. In connection with the trauma, the girl suffered a deformity of the lower limb, but it’s does not prevent her from leading an active life: by her performance in the contest she wants to prove that the podium should be friendly to everyone.

26-year-old Clarke did not become the winner of the competition at the state level and will not get to the national stage. But she stated that she was satisfied with the fact of participation and would continue to work in defense of the rights of disabled people.

Her words

“A wheelchair does not define my personality, and does not limit me. I can be strong, feminine and beautiful”, Justine told reporters. Although in her case, comments are superfluous: according to external data, the girl was not inferior to the competitors, but the strength of her spirit and her determination can only be envied.

“For someone who is chained to a chair, the opportunity to participate [in the competition] is a big step. I hope that this will become a message: regardless of race, size of clothes or physical limitations – everything that distinguishes you – you are still beautiful”, – said the Australian confident.

It is noted that the girl moved in the chair from 2015. She does not report the circumstances that led to disability.

In the near future, Clarke will be engaged in philanthropic activities, will help children’s charitable organization Children’s Charity, with which the competition works.

Miss World – the oldest of such events (held since 1951), as well as one of the largest. His motto – Beauty With a Purpose


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