The most beautiful Colombian women in 2016

Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America (after Brazil and Mexico). In total, the country, which received its name in honor of the discoverer of the American continent, has about 47 million people. Also, 1 million Colombians live in the US, making up the largest in the US South American national diaspora.

Colombia, unlike neighboring Venezuela, can not boast of a large number of victories at international beauty contests, but the whole world knows the Colombian singer Shakira.

Top 5 most beautiful Colombian women

1.Carla Ossa

She was born on June 28, 1985. A world-class photo model. To date, the only representative of Colombia in the model agency Miami Elite (Miami’s Elite Model Agency). Was filmed for the covers of such popular magazines as “Self”, “Vanidades” (the Spanish version of “Vanity Fair”), “Ocala”, “Boca Raton” and many others. Carla glorified herself by advertising a series of “Venus” swimwear (as well as other lesser-known brands) and “Avon” cosmetics.

Carla Ossa

2.Danna Maria Garcia

Born on February 4, 1978 in the family of the Colombian singer Claudia Osuna. Colombian actress and singer, one of the most beautiful Colombian women and one of the most popular colombians in Latin America. In 2008 she was named the most beautiful person by the version of “People en Espanol’s Los 50 mas Bellos list”. She is a volunteer of the Red Cross. she speaks English, German, French and Spanish.

Danna Garcia

3.Lucía Aldana

Born on March 9, 1992. She is a beauty queen and Colombian model winner of the Miss Valle del Cauca 2012 contest and the 60th edition of the Colombian National Beauty Contest of 2012. It is the tenth time that a representative from Vallecaucan Miss Colombia wins.

Lucía Aldana

4.Maria Helena Döering

Was born on August 17, 1965, Caracas, in the family of a doctor. She received her acting education in London, and upon her return to Caracas in the Company Lily Alvarez Sierra. At the same time Maria studied tourist business, and also graduated from the Central University of Venezuela as a “speaker”. Since 1985 on “Venevion” she starred in telenovelas, but more often in humorous programs, the most famous of which are “Cheverissimo”, “Casate y veras” and “A que te ries”.

Maria Helena Döering

5.Diana Hoyos

Was born on April 22, 1985. Actress and Colombian singer, became famous for her leading role in the successful novel “Listen, Pretty Woman”. Diana is the daughter of the musician Alvaro Ojosa and Yamilet Buenaventura. Her career on television began with the popular reality show “Pop Star”, where she became a finalist.

beautiful Colombian women

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