Polina Popova – Miss Russia 2017

The crown from the hands of Yana Dobrovolskaya (“Miss Russia – 2016”) was adopted by Polina Popova.

This year at the “Miss Russia” contest the victory was won by 21-year-old Polina Popova from Ekaterinburg. The girl received a car and three million rubles. Polina will represent Russia at international competitions as “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”.

Who is Miss Russia 2017 ?

Miss Russia

Polina Popova – Russian model, winner of the Miss Russia 2017 national contest. She was born and grew up in Ekaterinburg.

In her spare time she likes to play tennis, cook and travel. Her favorite literary work is “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. She planned to study at the university, for which she studied Chinese. But after winning the contest she changed the decision in favor of the motherland. Polina is not married. Have a boyfriend. In her opinion, in addition to beauty there must be a “kind heart and beautiful smile”.

About the Contest

Miss Russia

Polina says: “A month before the contest we were forbidden to leave the house without security – me and 49 other contestants lived in a country hotel. I did not see even with my parents! Of course, it was not easy, all the girls with the character – there were quarrels. Used to find an approach to different people, so  I did not enter the conflicts.

We were fed with steamed food, so that we did not gain weight. For me it was not something out of the ordinary – I have been eating like this for six years. And some contestants complained that they wanted fried potatoes…The night before the finale was, of course, the hardest – the beauties were nervous and almost did not sleep. And then it was morning, and everything began to spin – there was no time to worry.

Miss Russia

It’s good that my parents were not at the presentation – I would be more nervous for them than for myself. But they, of course, congratulated me first – they called. And then there were messages in social networks – someone was happy for me, someone wrote that I was not worthy of the crown. It is a pity that I do not have time to answer – there is absolutely no time. But I accept everything: both kind words and criticism. I think if it’s not there it’s somehow abnormal. I would even be hurt if I was not scolded. ”

You can check her instagram page here.



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