Clarissa Bowers – Miss USA 2017

What about Miss USA ?

Miss USA – national beauty contest, which selects the most beautiful woman in the United States. The contest takes place annually since 1952 in the USA, the winner participates in the “Miss Universe” contest. There is also a Miss Teen USA contest.

Miss USA

The beauty contest Miss USA, organized in 1950, exists along with the talent contest Miss America. The sponsor of the competition was the manufacturer of bathing suits Catalina, the Miss USA contest itself was established mainly to promote new bikini models. Later, the organizers of the competition included Gulf + Western Industries, ITT Corporation and billionaire Donald Trump.

Miss USA

Unlike the Miss America contest, Miss USA participants are not required to shock the audience with any special talents. Emphasis is placed on external data and resourcefulness in answering questions.

Currently, the competition consists of pre-selection, held a week earlier, where all participants appear before the jury in bathing suits and dresses and are interviewed. Among the participants choose semi-finalists whose names are announced on the air of the final competition. Some of the participants are eliminated after appearances in bathing suits and evening dresses, and the rest participate in the next round – an interview. The names of the winners and the winner of the Miss USA title are announced in the end of the television broadcast. The composition of the jury in the preliminary selection and in the finals, as a rule, differ.

A few days ago in the US, they chose their representative for the international beauty contest Miss World 2017 – 19-year-old Clarissa Bowers from Florida.

Who is Clarissa Bowers ?

Miss USA

Clarissa is a model, an actress and student of a medical university (future military surgeon).
Her hobbies: volleyball, swimming and participation in beach photo sessions. The charity project of the beauty for the Miss World 2017 contest is aimed at teaching disabled people to play baseball. The height of Clarissa is 180 cm.

Make sure to check her Instagram page.

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