Alex Minsky – From infantry to model

Alex Minsky lost his right leg at the age of 24 during the military operations in Afghanistan: his truck was blown up on a bomb, and the young man miraculously survived.

The Story of Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky lost his right leg in Afghanistan. The truck, in which the 24-year-old soldier was, hit a bomb. Alex spent 47 days in a coma. After the guy came to himself, it took him a long time to get used to the idea: now he is disabled. “It’s hard to believe, but losing a leg is the simplest thing we’ve all come across,” says Alex’s mom Jackie Minsky. “I had to learn everything from scratch”, the guy adds. “When I woke up, I did not remember anything, I could not even speak, read.”

New life

Alex Minsky

But one day, Alex decided to change his life and began to regularly attend the gym. He met the famous photographer Tom Kallis, who examined the former military potential of the model. Now Alex is 28 years old, and he regularly appears in the advertising of men’s underwear, and also participates in the shows.

Snapshots of the half-naked military man, who does not cover the prosthesis, everyone called scandalous. But they instantly brought glory to Alex Minsky. “Having stopped drinking, Alex began to go to the gym – and his life changed dramatically for the better. “I want people to look at me and never give up!”, says Alex. Now the guy dreams about the career of an actor, and many are confident that he will succeed.

Today Minsky almost every day for 4 hours is engaged in the gym. On his pages in social networks there are always examples of advertising campaigns with him in the main role, which every now and then inspire not only disabled people, but also healthy men. In addition, the guy even got on the cover of the American Men’s Health.

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