Hanka Zavodna – Miss World Slovakia 2017

Blondes and brunettes have had to bow down this year to the red-haired Hanka Zavodna.

Hanka Zavodna – Miss Slovakia 2017

Hanka Zavodna

With the new Miss Slovakia Hanka Zavodna (21), we met less than 24 hours after her life changed. “I was pretty good, I’ve been pulling out of the closet for years. Mostly pink or white”, she remembered for childhood. As a little girl, she was unforgettable for her two-color brown-haired hair. “I also have a bigger sign on the back of my head, and that makes my hair reddish. My mom once wore a mahogany meller, and everyone in the settlement asked him, or he was painting my hair”, he laughs. Although she gradually grew up in beauty, she did not even think about modeling.

Hanka Zavodna

As she already does, she got to her at seventeen by chance. “It was a day of open doors in the gallery and although I do not like art, I decided to go with my friend. As we looked at the paintings, I suddenly approached one gentleman, the modeling agency owner, and soon I traveled around the world”. She worked mainly in Spain and Turkey, and even though she was inspiring to try out the Miss contest.

She wants to learn

Hanka Zavodna

In order not to be enough, her life has recently become entangled, even with regard to school. Since September she has been studying at the University of Economics in Bratislava, but she left it in January. “It did not happen to me, it’s not what I wanted”, she explains gravely. “I always wanted to go to a pedagogical school, but I thought I would not be well appreciated after studying … But gradually I realized it was better to do something that people enjoy, even if it’s less money”, adds Hanka , whose mother is the director of one of Petržalka’s primary schools.


“I’m proud of what I am. That I can make money myself, that I am so kind-hearted, I am very glad to give and I do not need to get it back. That makes me happy. And I’m afraid some people do not see what I’m really, just judging by the photo, and then commenting on the internet”. “It started when a brother led his friends home. I always wanted something for them to eat. I like to look after people”, she laughs.


As we have found, the new miss is a bit of a shame and shy. “Every woman should have some moral principles, some limit. I think I have them right because my parents have been well educated. I’m certainly not one of those who reveal advice. In the underwear I did not feel the most pleasant on the podium. And not even in swimsuits it would not be better … I do not think it’s nice to women when they are revealed”, she says.

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