Conny Notarstefano – Miss Italy 2017

Conny Notarstefano was crowned Miss World Italy 2017. She is Italian who have won the title on stage in the national final round at the Italian Theater of Gallipoli. It will now be the task of representing Italy in the final of Miss World, the oldest beauty contest in the world, this year in China.

More about Conny Notarstefano

Conny Notarstefano

The new queen is 22, 175cm and has green eyes. She has always lived in Lucera, in the province of Foggia, but also she has lived for three years in Rome where she studies motor science.

The 22-year-old Conny Notarstefano has an American name but she is very Italian: “I have two names, Concetta, that of my paternal grandmother, and Conny chosen by my mother for the Italian-American singer Connie Francis”, she says, looking at parents who, from the moment of proclamation, fail to hold the joy for the emotion experienced: “It’s thanks to them I’m here. They grew up giving me education and healthy principles. I did not expect to win, but I was sure I knew what I was and left my mark. And for me that was the most important goal”, says Miss World Italy 2017.

About emotions

Conny Notarstefano

And in fact it was an evening full of emotions from the first selection that she saw right away with tears in her eyes: “It was really strange. I never cry. Who knows me, describes me as a husky, a detached dog who does not seem to betray her emotions. Instead when they called me last among the 15 selected I did not understand anything anymore. Then, again: I was the last to be called in the top five. And in the end, when we were in the three now, I did not even have the strength to think”. Check her Instagram page.


Hard to ask for passions because Conny Notarstefano has a particularly intense life: “I do not have much free time: when I’m not in college and do not study, I teach physical education in a high school. I’m always very busy. Even with my boyfriend is a little complicated because he lives and works outside Rome. But we are together for two years and we are very good: he is a mature person, he leaves my space, he supports me in my choices, even in that to participate in this competition”.

At the end of the year, she is waiting for a flight to China to represent Italy at Miss World’s final and this does not seem to frighten her: “When someone ask me what I thought of the trip to China, I always responded the same way: where do I have to sign to leave? I love to travel, I like to discover new things. It will be a wonderful experience”.

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