Maria Beatriz – Miss Colombia 2017

Miss World Colombia (Miss Colombia) is an organization created in 1990, which, in agreement with Miss World of England, elects every year, from 1992, the Colombian representative to that event. The current winner is Maria Beatriz Daza Nuñez, who represented the department of La Guajira.

Miss Colombia

The organization

Its president is the Engineer Edgar Botero, who has important national and international distinctions, for the Variety Club International, the Magazine Selecta of Miami and universities and Colombian institutions.

The board of directors of the competition is formed by the Jurist Jaime Betancourt Cuartas, who is the president. Dr. Katherine Prieto, Executive Director. The president of the National Beauty Council is Dr. Ignacio Pombo, Dr. Rita Gómez Padilla, Dr. Laura de Ronderos, Dr. Fabio Campos, Mrs. Amanda Pineda and Dr. Jorge Enrique Perea.

Miss Colombia

Miss Mundo Colombia has stood out for the achievements in order to improve the quality of life of the most needy children.

Miss Colombia assumes in its entirety the preparation of the candidates, without having to invest money by that candidates.

Miss Colombia 2017

María Beatriz Daza Núñez, is 21 years old, measures height of 1.82 cm and is a professional in International Business and Finance. At the time wanted to represent La Guajira in the National Beauty Kingdom, in Cartagena, but it has not been possible.

The new Miss World Colombia sovereign from November 25 will be in the city of Shenzhen Dayun Arena, China where she will compete with more than 120 participants from all over the World.

María Beatriz Daza Núñez, was born in Riohacha and from a very young age her parents took her to Barranquilla. She is the daughter of Bune Núñez, granddaughter of Etilvia Ochoa, great-granddaughter of the deceased Eva Ochoa and the sister of the social communicator and journalist Nelsón Ochoa Núñez.

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