Street fashion. Autumn-winter. 2017-2018

The world of fashion always opens us a lot of interesting things. In combination with unusual trends, solutions, new styles appear that either remain incomprehensible, or are picked up by the whole world and become another trend. One of them is a street style – a direction designed to create additional comfort and convenience. What will be the street fashion autumn-winter 2017-2018 and how to harmonize the image of incompatible things to look fashionable and not funny?

What you need to know about street fashion

street fashion

Street fashion is characterized by the possibility of self-realization, it boldly combines things from haute couture and cheap items “a la second-hand”. This is a pretty bold trend, which allows you to play with forms, flowers and fabrics. We can say that this is a special kind of shocking, but here too everything should be in moderation. The main rule is to dress comfortably (such as casual style), to make a certain zest in the form, and also to follow fashion trends. Indeed, it’s not for nothing that designers give a special place to collections, in which street clothes dominate. And in order to be in the trend, using this style, it’s worthwhile to consider carefully what the leading couturiers are offering to wear in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018.

Main trends of street fashion for women for autumn-winter 2017/18

Whatever you prefer, it is worth considering that the main trends of street wear in the upcoming season will be positive, the brightness of colors and rather bold creative ideas. And this is not only women’s fashion, but fashion for teenagers. If we talk about individual elements, then the popular ones are:

  • fabrics. Leather, suede, denim, velvet. A combination of fabrics is welcomed. Fashion includes a new trend – brocade;
  • decor. Fur finish, ruches, sequins, flounces, frill;
  • colors. Khaki, burgundy, terracotta, red, golden, purple, yellow, brown, pink, deep green. Not entirely successful is the use of black. Instead, it is better to choose a more actual dark blue or brown shade.

It is important to select things so that they become a single whole, conflicts are unacceptable here. In this case, you can combine clothes as one style direction, and create a kind of mixes.


Stylish street clothes for autumn-winter 2017-2018 highlights several characteristic accents. Feel the spirit of the 80’s (acid shades, metallic shine, asymmetry) and 70’s (floral prints, hippy style, loose silhouettes, denim and midi length). From the distant past will returnVictorian style in modern execution. Thanks to him the street style of the coming season is due to coquettish frills, romantic ruffles, voluminous sleeves and high collars.


Clothing, like “taken” from someone else’s shoulder, continues to remain at the peak of popularity. Actually everything: jackets, coats, sweaters and even dresses.


When it comes to street style, there is no place for strict classics. Therefore, trouser suits will look more like home clothes. Actual fashion in the form of pajamas, prints, bright colors. If, nevertheless, you do not dare to move away from the costume in a classical version, dilute it with a cardigan of large mating, a truncated sheepskin coat or a colorful coat with floral appliques.


Pleated skirt

Street fashion for women offers a novelty of the autumn-winter season 2017/18 – a pleated skirt. A pleated skirt is simply mandatory for creating a unique image.

Pleated skirt

Especially winning it will be bundled with oxford or with high comfortable converse.


Trendy, too, are asymmetrical cut dresses. In them there must be necessarily bright accents: prints, appliqués, embroidery, accessories. To combine such things in style street style is better with dense color or dark tights and high golf.

Fashionable will be a tea dress. It is distinguished by a fitted crochet, slightly flared bottom and short length. Often decorated with prints. You can combine with ballet, oxford and Cossacks. Some women of fashion want to dress in a tea dress complete with rubber Wellingtons.

Mega popular will be a short dress with ruffles in a Victorian style. It is better to combine it with high boots, and on top to throw a solid trench coat.


Well, if there is a desire to show the character, then it is worth paying attention to a dress with an animal print. A winning is the finish option with belt and a stylish choker.


Topical models with high waist, torn, as well as asymmetric trousers with an untreated bottom are actual. You can combine with a denim trench, draped coats, crooks, elongated waistcoats.



As for outerwear, then the 2017 street style is quite democratic. Everything will be trendy: sports down jackets, fur vests, kitsch-rodeo-style print jackets, colorful ponchos, coats with natural fur trim, and jackets resembling hussar dolmans. Color, in this case, can be completely different: from pastel, discreet, to screaming and even acid. Welcome to the upcoming street style and print, imitating animal color.


The fashion includes brocade jackets, decorated with rich ornaments.

brocade jackets


It’s not a street fashion without jackboots. In this season, they should be high, almost to the hip. Material – lacquered leather or suede in bright, colorful shades.

Creating the right image, keep in mind that the wide bootlegs go to the past, opening the way to a neat, fitting leg, ankle boots. Heel – medium height, stable. Fashionable will be shoes, decorated with buckles.



Bags. The three-dimensional bags of the tote and the hobo remain trendy. As a good option will be clutches, decorated with a bright print, as well as waist bags from the 80’s. The cut is different. Fashionable will be a decoration that resembles a piercing.


Decorations. Pearls, broochs made in the style of the Boho. Any accessories in ethno style, open rings. Chokers remain relevant. You can wear earrings that differ in design from the clothes that you wear.

Glasses. With a frame made of natural wood, futuristic motifs, various “butterflies”, “cats”. Designers offer to wear glasses even in the coldest time of the year.

Scarf. Street style of the coming season simply obliges to buy such an accessory from natural fur (raccoon, fox, fox). Equally well combined with both coats and jackets, and with jumpers and chiffon dresses.

Additional attributes. Colored and natural stones.

Teen street wear

Since street fashion is especially popular in a teen wardrobe, it is worth mentioning what will be the street fashion for teenagers in the upcoming autumn-winter season 2017/18.

The trend will be:

  • Layering;
  • free cut dresses. They are especially relevant in combination with sneakers;
  • bulky pullovers;
  • metallic shine;
  • combination of different shades in one image;
  • denim ensembles;
  • lace;
  • bright coats;
  • colored shoes;
  • floral print;
  • collars of frill;
  • hoodies, imitating stretched models;
  • worn jeans;
  • a coat with three-dimensional shoulders;
  • glasses;
  • lush sleeves;
  • white jackets;
  • jackets in a cage resembling a shirt;
  • cowboy hats;
  • leather vests;
  • prints in dots, cages, animal studies;

Stylists advise teenagers to be guided by the coming occasion. If the image is selected for the school, do not get carried away with bright colors and ornate cuts, it is better to give preference to quiet shades and restrained execution. But at the party, you can safely put on bright clothes, emphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of its owner.

As for shoes for teenagers, there is plenty to choose from too. Fashionable are shoes on a high, massive or laconic flat sole. To look really good, you should look at sneakers, shoes or boots.

Creating an image, it is better to give the will of imagination, for example, to tie a sweater beautifully over the dress. But do not be too zealous, picking things up, most importantly – your comfort.

Street fashion at the place of living

In a special way this fashion looks in different parts of the globe.

Street fashion in Paris

fashion in Paris

If we talk about Paris, then there will be relevant velvet coats, velvet overalls, denim jackets with a worn shoulder line, feather skirts and, of course, “a-la pajamas” suits.

Street fashion in Milan

Street fashion in Milan

Designers demonstrating street wear in Milan, recommend dressing as follows:

  • material – velvet and satin, translucent, flowing fabrics;
  • color – fuchsia, red;
  • print-cell;
  • shoes – velvet, trimmed with ruches;
  • jacket – leather, in combination with everything: dresses, sports pants, skirts pencil and stuff.

London Street Fashion

London Street Fashion

It’s possible to combine red and pink shades, to put on pajama suits, to stain clothing with paillettes, to put on velvet, leather or plaid coats, sheepskin coats, trench coats, and also to use all kinds of frills and ruches.

Street fashion in New York

Street fashion in New York

Favorites of street fashion in New York in 2017 became ragged jeans, sky-blue shades, velvet, fuchsia-colored coats, and also habitual outerwear from leather. If we talk about trousers, there are plenty to choose from: vinyl, leather, wide satin, truncated business.

Try new images and be truly compelling, remembering the golden rule: everything is good in moderation. And then your street style will become a kind of business card, talking only about your personality and excellent sense of taste.

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