14 lessons of style and shopping from the heroines of “Sex and the City”

Despite the fact that the series appeared almost 20 years ago, the fashionable and shopping lessons of Carrie Bradshaw have not lost relevance today. We tell you which of them should be learned by heart.

1. The right bag can save the image

“Without a small handbag, girls feel almost naked”, says Carrie Bradshaw. No lady will leave the house without lipstick, phone and keys – all this easily fits in a fashionable micro bag. And if you can not do without a cosmetic bag and a diary, then take an example from Samantha Jones and wear touts.

2. Do not compromise


Have you got used to dressing like a catwalk? Wear evening dresses and do not listen to anyone. In any inconvenient situation, remember Carrie in a chic pink dress on a date at McDonalds.

3. Do not be afraid to be a princess

One of the most famous images of Carrie Bradshaw is a chiffon skirt and silver sandals. Since the days of Cinderella, none of these things have lost relevance, because each of us is a little princess.

4. Invest in the wardrobe

“I like to see my investments … For example, when I open my closet”: Carrie Bradshaw does not teach you how to save, but to make the right fashionable investment. Like most women of fashion, she never spares money for bags and shoes. And he does not advise you.

5. Choose pink look

pink look

The heroines of “Sex and the City” were never afraid of pink, and Charlotte York loved the most girlish color. Raspberry suit and bag in a tone or fuchsia-colored jacket – this season a carefree shade recovers more and more positions. Experiments with it are mandatory.

6. Shopping – the best workout

“Shopping is cardio”, Carrie Bradshaw teaches us. Tired of monotonous training? Replace one of them with a shopping trip – a good mood and loss of a huge amount of calories are guaranteed.

7. The higher the heel, the closer to the sky

“I’m not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes?” Carrie Bradshaw chooses Manolo Blahnik heels for any occasion – from a business meeting to a romantic evening. In addition, in these shoes it is really easier (and nicer) to conquer new heights.

8. Make friends with the fur

There is nothing warmer and more stylish than a fur coat. This winter, you can look at the pink models, and also bet on artificial fur. It is still gaining popularity.

9. Do not spare time for the fees

“It does not matter how fast the pace of life in New York is, I always find time to choose what to wear”: Carrie Bradshaw’s words should turn into the mantra. Never leave the house in the first one that fell out of the closet, because you do not know who will meet you on the road.

10. Wear jewelry

Of course, there is not always enough time to select accessories and ornaments. But after all, they form the image. Choose a pair of minimalists for every day that will perfectly match with all the items of your wardrobe. For example, Carrie had a small suspension with her name, and Charlotte never forgot about the neat earrings.

11. Love the bright colors

bright colors

Pink and red are the main combination of the autumn-winter season. We learn from Samantha and are not afraid to wear blue and lilac, orange and indigo, yellow and violet together. You can look for inspiration from the heroines of the Streetstyle Fashion Week.

12. Experiment with a haircut

All my life I went with long hair? It’s time to try the trendy pixie that Miranda Hobbs went with. Now he is chosen by the sexiest women in the world: Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Kara Delevin.

13. Forget about hair bands

The only accessory that Carrie Bradshaw did not like was hair bands. She elegantly replaced them with shawls and hats. For several seasons the heroine has measured over fifty.

14. Some things are worth it to wait

And it does not matter if it’s the perfect sandals with Farfetch or the man of your dreams. “Relations, like couture outfits, are terrible if they do not suit you completely”: Carrie said. We subscribe to her words.


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