Top 10 Sexiest South African Women

In every corner of our planet there are beautiful women, this is an indisputable fact. South Africa is no exception. In addition, these african women, not only beautiful and sexy, their faces are known to the whole world thanks to their bright appearance and various talents.

10. Zakiya Patel

The Isidingo TV station, which has been going on in South Africa for a long time, presented a huge number of talented people to the public, and recently improved its ratings by attracting actors from different racial groups and cultures. Indian actors on television are very few, they can only be seen in Bollywood movies. To see Indian male actors and, especially, Indian actresses to the South African soap opera is a huge breakthrough for the series, which immediately got new viewers and fans.

Zakiya Patel

Zakiya Patel relatively recently started acting in the Isidingo series, but she managed to win the hearts of young men. This african women is absolutely gorgeous, and for those who saw her for the first time, it became a complete mystery. Distinctive features of the face, straight black Indian hair make it attractive and desirable for hundreds of thousands of men. And dreamy eyes and shiny lips did not allow us to make this list without her.

9. Charlize Theron

This popular actress was born in Benoni in South Africa. She went a long way to her acting career, once buying a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. South Africa is still her homeland, no matter where she lives now. Born here and absorbed in the South African way of life in early adolescence, she became the first African woman to receive an Oscar. She also participates in a variety of public projects on women’s rights and freedoms, animal protection, support for HIV-infected people, etc. Such a beauty had a kind and big heart.

Charlize Theron

8. Leeanda Reddy

Leeanda Reddy took part in the TV show “Isidingo” before the appearance of Zakia Patal. She was the first Indian to be seen in this series, but the debut was so successful that she made her one of the most popular South African stars. This adult woman is able to influence the young minds of their viewers, who like the exotic beauty of Indian beauties.

Leeanda Reddy

7. Jessica Mare

She was born in South Africa, then moved to Australia. The most famous roles of Jessica Mare are Rachel Rafters in the series “On a Visit to the Rafters” and Lily Diamond in the television series “Magic City”. You now see a pretty face, perfect eyebrows, amazing eyes. In fact, this woman is as smart as she is beautiful. Although when you look at Jessica’s blue eyes, imagination takes you to a tropical island in Hawaii, a cocktail of her eye color, decorated with an umbrella, scorching sun and a gentle ocean is in hand – that’s all we needs when there is such a beautiful woman nearby.

Jessica Mare

6. Michelle Van Der Water

As is known, in Cape Town it’s quite hot, and this sultriness, it seems, is passed on to some of its inhabitants, making them popular not only in South Africa itself, but around the globe. And the name Michelle Van Der Water also says that the flow of sexuality, beauty and charm will never run out.

Michelle Van Der Water

This is one of the most beautiful african women, her beauty is difficult to adjust to any standards, and she earned her reputation through talent, efficiency and skills. Having seen at least once her picture, you certainly will not forget such a bright and exotic girl. Although Michelle Van Der Water is quite thin and slender for her type of figure, she’s still insanely sexy, so in her bikini photo, her hip lines and smooth skin will just drive everyone crazy!

5. Lesley-Ann Brandt

South Africans are sincerely proud that such a woman, with such external data and career successes, was born in their country, as well as other amazing, sexy and beautiful women on this list.

Lesley-Ann Brandt

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a great actress. Being an African Women (she mixed race), she managed to use this fact as an added plus to her beauty and sexuality. Women of this race in South Africa have a certain reputation, they give the impression of strong and even aggressive. Lesley-Ann Brandt undoubtedly does everything possible for colored women to be proud of themselves and feel comfortable in South Africa. Of course, everyone wants to be beautiful, just some of this gift is given by God, and in this case, such a gift was received by the entire ethnic group entirely.

4. Shashi Naidoo

Another Indian? Not just an Indian, but Shashi Naidoo, who is not only very talented, but also sexy. She has a special gift, thanks to which in her presence the eyes of men expand from passion. She is widely known throughout South Africa, as she participates in the show “20 Something”.

Shashi Naidoo

3. Natalie Bridget Becker

An african women who has done a great path from South Africa, where there are not so many opportunities from the point of view of the entertainment industry, and was able to get a role in Hollywood, in the movie “The Scorpion King – The Warrior’s Exaltation”. What can be sexier than the enchanted goddess of darkness beautiful woman who is capable of murder?


She is absolutely unique actress, she owes this success to her beauty and good acting skills. From her sultry body can breathe an icy cold. Only the best of the best can achieve this effect, and she, of course, is one of them.

2. Jolin Martin Morgan

Jolin Martin Morgan – popular actress, singer, TV host and MC, she took this place absolutely deservedly. She has a good figure. She knows her own worth. She is already quite popular in South Africa, but we are sure that the most interesting thing for Jolin is yet to come.


1. Jenny D

Most of all, this name will be for you unfamiliar. Even if you saw it, you hardly noticed the name. She has such a hypnotizing view that it’s impossible not to break away from her when you see her on the screen. In fact, she is the host of South African television. The most famous people in the world (for example, Donald Trump with his wife) gave her interviews and answered her questions.

Jenny D

She is not the most beautiful woman in the world, but from the point of view of who is the sexiest on the South African screen, there is no doubt that this is Jenny D.

It was a list of the sexiest of South African women. Perhaps we missed someone, and someone will disagree with our choice. Write your suggestions in the comments, we will listen to them.


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