Acne at the age of 30

Acne at the age of 30


Acne is not a problem that concerns only adolescents, as it can occur very often and suddenly in the adult life of the person. In recent years the number of adult women mainly but also men who experience acne at the age of 30 has increased significantly. Adult acne usually occurs with cysts or pimples on the face, lasting for long periods and often accompanied by pain.

But why does acne happen in adulthood and how can we get rid of it?

The main cause of acne at the age of 30 is the blocking of sebaceous pores either because of the excessive production of sebum from the sebaceous glands or because of hyperkeratosis, i.e. the excessive proliferation of dead cells in the sebaceous pores. In acne after the age of 30, the following factors are also implicated.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

~ Confucius

Most women

occasionally notice a pimple before the period. But that's normal. But when pimples persist, then we're talking about acne. These pimples appear on the upper lip or around the chin, around the mouth and neck. In this case, we are talking about deep cysts that last for quite some time and sometimes hurt.

If acne at the age of 30 is accompanied by other symptoms such as sudden weight gain, cycle disorder or increased hair growth, then the dermatologist should do further testing to see if there is polycystic or microcytic ovary syndrome with acne or even a thyroid problem.

At the same time, "hard" cleaning products, and excessively frequent cleaning with soap make our skin irritable and sensitive, because they remove natural oils and destroy hydrolipid tissue. So the skin replenishes its moisture produces more sebum. Also, the use of fatty cosmetics (heavy makeup), dirty brushes and sponges, and moisturizers unsuitable for our type block the pores thus creating multiple cysts on the face.

Of course, people who suffer from acne at the age of 30 are also advised not to consume dietary products that are high in fat and dairy. Nutritional products such as milk chocolates, as well as fast food foods e.g. burgers, pizzas, etc., should be reduced from the diet as much as possible.

Treatment of acne at the age of 30 varies depending on its type and size. Treatment according to the needs of each person may include topical preparations i.e. special cleaning soap, creams or special non-eating lotions. Depending on the extent of acne the dermatologist can use other invasive methods, such as opening and removing the eateries (deep cleansing), special chemical peelings for acne, special "Fractional Laser" to reduce oiliness as well as treat acne scars with excellent results.

The way to reduce and cure the problem of acne can be done if someone follows these little tips and in combination with the treatments that your dermatologist will suggest so that you can have clean and glowing skin, free from pimples and cysts. Acne at the age of 30 can be easily cured if you talk to your dermatologist early. It is important not to be late to do the treatment that will be recommended to avoid any stains, permanent marks and scars on the facial area.


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